curriculum (English)

Name: Marcel van Hattem
Place and date of birth: 11/08/1985, São Leopoldo-RS, Brazil
Address: Wageningseberg, 186, 3524 LT, Utrecht/NL
Phone: +31 6 3429 3369
Nationality: Brazilian and Dutch – double citizenship
Graduate: MSc in
Specialist in
Political Science (Comparative Politics and Democracy) candidate (Leiden University, 2012) Law, Economics and Constitutional Democracy (UFRGS, 2008; GPA equivalent: 4.0; monograph: 10); Undergraduate: Bachelor degree in
Bachelor degree in
International Relations (UFRGS, 2007; GPA equivalent: ~3.6; monograph: 10); Administration (UFRGS, to be obtained in 2014; GPA equivalent: 4.0 so far).

Europe and Liberty Seminar, IES Europe (France)/Institute for Market Economics (Bulgaria) (Troyan, Bulgaria; 05.15.2011 – 05.21.2011) Conflict Prevention and Conflict Management Seminar, Theodor-Heuss Academy, Friedrich Naumann Foundation (Gummersbach and Hamburg, Germany; 02.27.2011 – 03.11.2011) Global Competitiveness Leadership Program for 35 Ibero American young leaders of 13 different countries at Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business (Washington, DC) – elected class’ Speaker (Georgetown University, 02-06/2009);
Portuguese, English (TOEFL 108 iBT, IELTS 8.5) and Spanish (fluent); Dutch (fluent in reading and speech; intermediary writing), French (advanced reading, intermediary writing and speech), German (advanced reading, intermediary speech), Italian (intermediary reading).
Dois Irmãos (RS, Brazil) county councilor (11
Institutional Relations Director of the Federal University UFRGS’ Central Students Directory (Diretório Central de Estudantes - DCE) and member of the University’s Council (CONSUN) as representative of the students - 25 thousand in total (2009-2010);
President of Progressive Youth of Rio Grande do Sul (2007 to 2009); National Secretary for International Relations of PP’s Progressive Youth (2009-present);
Substitute State Representative 2007-2010, with 11.656 votes, and 2011-2014, with 14.068 votes;
President of the Rio Grande do Sul’s Progressive Youth Councilors Association and member of the Executive Council of Progressive Youth of Rio Grande do Sul (2005-2007);
Secretary of the Lutheran Youth of Rio Grande do Sul (2005-2006);
Vice-president of PIO XII Student’s Guild (2002).
th legislature - 2005-2008);
09/2009-06/2010; 12/2010-july 2011 Brazilian National Congress, Brasília – DF Special Assessor for International Relations and Economy
Federal Deputy Renato Molling (PP/RS) Cabinet in Brasília (DF) and Sapiranga (RS)
Main attributions included being a link between private sector demands of the Vale do Sinos region and Congress through the Deputy’s cabinet; preparation of papers and speeches on International Relations and Economy – among other fields of the Deputy’s interest; making contact with counterparts of the Deputy in the National Congress, Senators, Ministers, their Assistants and other authorities in order to represent the Cabinet making its interests well-known and defending them on behalf of the Deputy. Resigned according to Brazilian Laws in order to run for a 
seat in his State’s Legislative Assembly in 2010 and returned in December 2010.
01/2005-12/2008 City Council Dois Irmãos – RS City Councilor (PP) elected by the popular vote in Dois Irmãos (RS) Main attributions included all regarded to the regular activities of a City Councilor, ie, legislating and inspecting the 25 thousand inhabitants City’s Executive Power. Most bills presented and ideas defended referred to the Economy (tax reduction and investment attraction), Education (municipal investment in higher technical and higher education) and Environmental Protection. 07/2003-06/2004 Jornal Dois Irmãos (Dois Irmãos Daily) Dois Irmãos - RS Editorial Assistant Reporter at Jornal Dois Irmãos, after two and a half months as a voluntary Columnist/International Contributor during international travels (USA and Europe). Experienced in all editorials, with special emphasis in the political politics and economy. International experience covering meetings with shoe industry businessmen from Brazil and Argentina in Buenos Aires (March/2004) and the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development - Unctad (May/2004), carried out in São Paulo.

01/2005 ICCO Utrecht-Netherlands Translator Portuguese/English/Portuguese and Spanish/English/Portuguese for the referred Dutch organization during the Forum Social Mundial (World Social Forum) which took place at Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, in January 2005
03/2001-03/2004 Jornal Dois Irmãos Dois Irmãos – RS, Brazil
Newspaper Carrier Daily carry and delivery of newspapers
April-June/2003 Jornal Dois Irmãos Dois Irmãos – RS, Brazil
Columnist/International Contributor Responsible for two weekly publications about international news, curiosities and own experiences. 11/1999-03/2001 Plano Eng. e Imóveis Ltda. Dois Irmãos – RS, Brazil Drafter/Receptionist Architectural drafting and customer service for the company’s construction engineering office.

2003(a): Member of Pio XII High School’s Robotic Team which was qualified to FIRST regional competition in North Brunswick, NJ, USA and the finals in Houston, TX, USA. 2003(b): International Contributor for Dois Irmãos Daily (USA, Netherlands and Belgium); 2004: Special envoy of Dois Irmãos Daily to Buenos Aires, Argentina (March) and São Paulo, Brazil (May) – see above on "professional experience"; 2005: Participation on the World Social Forum of Porto Alegre, Brazil, as interpret/translator; 2007: Part, as City Councilor, of a Mission of Brazilian authorities (mayors, technicians and representatives) who went to the Netherlands and to the United Kingdom accompanied by the Chief of the Netherlands Business Support Office to set up international contacts and prospect partnerships in the water treatment and environmental areas - the Mission was later documented on van Hattem’s final undergraduation paper, which was judged excellent; 2008: Visit to leaders of Youth branches of European Parties akin to Brazilian Progressive Party in London (UK), Amsterdam (NL), Brussels (BE), Paris (FR) and Rome (IT); 2009(a): Participation in the Global Competitiveness Leadership Program in Washington, D.C., USA. During its stay in the US, actively maintained a blog in which were told an analysed the Program classes, visits to Embassies and Ambassadours, to International Organizations and other relevant issues regarding International Relations; 2009(b): Participation in the first iClass (Iberoamerican Competitiveness Leaderhisp Association – alumni of Georgetown’s GCLP) Seminar, held in Panama City, Panama; 2010: Participation in the second iClass Seminar, held in São Paulo, Brazil. 2011(a): Participation in the Conflict Prevention and Conflict Management at the Theodor-Heuss Academy of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation (Gummersbach and Hamburg, Germany). 2011(b): Visit to the headquarters of political parties in Lisbon, Portugal, Madrid, Spain, and Rome, Italy, to establish contacts with their international relations directors in the name of the Brazilian Progressive Party. 2011(c): Participation in the Europe and Liberty Seminar of the Institute for Market Economics in cooperation with the Institute for Economic Studies Europe in Troyan, Bulgaria. 2011(d): Participation in the Summer University of New Economics at the University of Aix-Marseille III promoted by the Institute for Economic Studies Europe in Aix-en-Provence, France. Countries visited due to professional motivation or personal interest include Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Colombia, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, the Netherlands, Panama, Paraguay, Portugal, Slovakia, Switzerland, UK, Uruguay, USA and the Vatican.